Pa.Ca. Company

The company Pa.Ca. works in the field of ornamental plaster works for over 40 years.
It was born from the collaboration of the founders Giulio Palladini and Nunzio Calò and today, thanks to the
work of their sons, continues to be an important and evolving reality in the production of very
high-quality plaster products for interior decoration.


The plaster used in the production is alabaster type, of high quality and coming from the best Italian quarries.

The manual and artistic ability that characterizes the company has meant that today Pa.Ca. can offer a wide range of articles that distributes in Italy and exports to various countries of the world, embellishing every type of building, from theaters to ancient buildings, from hotels to private homes, boutiques, restaurants and contributing to diffusion of great quality value that Italian products are able to reach.


The wide range of plaster products includes ceiling rosettes, panels, frames, cover angles, columns, appliques and countless other decorations, which furnish with style and enrich any environment, from the most classic to the most modern, creating elegant and refined harmonies typical of the tradition of Italian architecture.

Pa.Ca.has a very flexible and versatile production, as the creativity and competence of the owners also allows the execution of tailor-made works, following designs, projects and profiles, thus satisfying every need: it is possible, in fact, to create new shapes or reproduce already existing elements.

Another peculiarity of Pa.Ca. is to be able to provide all the production, as well as in the natural white version, even in the decorated version.
Thanks to exclusive painting systems, in fact, it is possible to create the antique effect and the “craquele” effect.

The latter represents in particular a refined and romantic decorative method.
Our expert decorators complete the painted surfaces with delicate colors.
Even the decoration work is always done entirely by hand.
Pa.Ca. it embodies the fundamental values of the Italian tradition such as quality, elegance, refinement and originality.


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